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As of 2013 student loan debt has topped $1 trillion and the average student loan is $26,000. These numbers continue to grow each year which has led to the largest Student loan debt bubble in history. Many programs exist to help those struggling with student loan debt and Simple Student Loan Solutions (SSLS) is here to help you identify which programs you may qualify for and help facilitate the consolidation your federal student loans.

Simple Student Loan Solutions provides Federal Student Loan Consolidation document preparation and processing for those seeking student loan relief.

Simple Student Loan Solutions is here to take the stress and anxiety out of your Student Loan Consolidation. Our knowledgeable staff is your dedicated intermediary with the Department of Education during your consolidation process. We are so confident that we can help you that if the DOE fails to approve your consolidation SSLS will refund 100% of our fees for the preparation of your documents*.